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Purchase of Property

Our conveyancing package (purchase) include:

  • Liaison with the property owner or their agent
  • Preparation of the purchase contract
  • Under-taking searches to confirm the ownership of the property
  • Under-taking Land Registry searches to confirm whether there are any outstanding debts or charges levied against the property
  • Liaison with utility companies, to confirm whether there are any unpaid water/electricity bills, etc
  • Preparation of a Power of Attorney. Having a Power of Attorney will allow us to open a Spanish bank account on your behalf
  • Preparation of an application to the respective authority for a NIE number (id number for foreigners)
  • Opening of a Spanish bank account 
  • Preparation of all documentation and submission to the Notary
  • Over-seeing the registration of the Title Deeds
  • Transferring water, electricity, gas contracts etc. into the new property owner´s name. 
  • Setting up direct debit payments to above utility companies
  • Settling any purchase taxes and/or fees in respect of the purchase

Please note: A Power of Attorney will be required for some of the above services.

We recommend that you allow between 13%-15% of the purchase price, in respect of the purchase tax, registration of Title Deeds etc.

After the purchase:

We can assist with the preparation of your annual tax declaration, payment of local rates etc.

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Sale of Property

Our conveyancing package (selling) includes the following services:

  • Preparation of the sales contract
  • Liaison with utility companies, to confirm whether there are any unpaid water/electricity bills, etc
  • Obtaining a certificate to confirm there are no debts to the community
  • Liaise with the corresponding bank in the case there is a mortgage on the property
  • Signing the title deed on behalf of the owner
  • Closing bank accounts and cancelling any direct debits/standing orders
  • Cancelling house insurance
  • Pay taxes and fees corresponding to the vendor
  • Liaison with all parties involved up until the sale of the property has been finalized at the notary.

(To carry out some of the above a power of attorney is needed)

There are expenses related to the sale of a property like capital gains tax, plusvalia tax och fee to the property agent if using one. We will go through these with you.

As a non-resident and owner of a Spanish property the purchaser is required by law to retain 3% of the purchase price. This money is paid to the tax authority, towards any Capital Gains Tax that may be due. We are able to calculate the amount due and prepare the Capital Gains Tax declaration of your behalf. Please ask for a separat quotation of our fees, in respect of this service.

All sellers should note that non payment of any outstanding debts or taxes can result in the Spanish authorities pursuing you, in your home country, in order to obatain settlement of unpaid monies.

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Power of Attorney

If you need to liaise with any Spanish authority, utility company etc and are not able to travel to Spain yorself, we can arrange for a Power of Attorney to be granted to an appointed this party. Please contact us for more information; as such documents often follow a specific format. We are able to help with the preparation of your Power of Attorney both in English and Spanish.

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Spanish Will

If you are owner of a property or have any other assets in Spain we recommend that you sign a Spanish will.

These are prepared in both Spanish and English being signed before the notary.

Having a Spanish will ensures that the inheritance process is less complicated and quicker. In view of Spanish bureaucracy, we stronger recommend that you make a Spanish will.

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In the midst of sorrow and often shock, it can be very difficult to focus on paperwork and bureaucracy; however, you  should be aware that the inheritance process must be carried out within six months of the deceased´s passing.

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