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Your online non-resident tax declaration service!

As you may already know all non-resident property owners must by law submit a non-resident´s tax return every year even if you do not let your property.

This tax is paid retrospectively each year.  So, in 2020 we prepare the taxes for 2019.

This tax is to be submitted to the Spanish tax authority anytime between the 1st of January and 31st of December.

Yourtax.es is an online service covering mainland of Spain offering non-resident property owners the following: – tax calculation, selection of the appropriate tax form, submission of the completed tax form (eiether by  post or e-mail). You will only have to take the completed form to your bank.

Alternatively,  we can present your tax forms and pay the tax on your behalf (for this we ask for advance payment to cover the calculated amount).

What are the advantages of using our online tax declaration service, apart from the cost?

  • we have no contract
  • no direct debit connected to your bank account
  • no binding time
  • you decide time of year to have the declaration done

If you own a property and, for example, a garage that has its own local rates receipt you will need to present two tax declarations which carries two fees.

Remember that the Spanish tax authorities do not send you any reminders on this matter nor any information – you need to act yourself!

We are “social partners” with the Spanish tax authority and therefore authorised to present and pay taxes on behalf of a third party.

Are you letting your property? Need help with the quarterly tax declaration? Our charge is 25 Euros per owner (including Spanish IVA of 21%)

Time to save yourselves some money – use our services today!

What is our charge/cost?

Our fee for calculating and preparing your tax declaration is 50 Euros, per property with upto 6 owners (not person) and includes the Spanish IVA of 21%.

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